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Caminhada Nocturna em Sintra - Dos Fanta

night walk in Sintra

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Apparitions and Stories From the Mountains - Night Walk in Sintra.jpg
O Caminheiro de Sintra - Caminhadas Noct


Sintra: Apparitions and Stories From the Mountains
  - history, fauna and flora, -
- and legends from the past -

::: Historical research:
  . Miguel Boim, O Caminheiro de Sintra
     (author of the book Sintra Lendária - Histórias e Lendas do Monte da Lua)









::: Legal Notice: rnaat 1808/2017

Sintra Lendária - 3ª Edição - Histórias e Lendas do Monte da Lua - Miguel Boim, O Caminheiro de Sintra

::: Available dates:
  . Thursday, June 09th, 20h15
  . Friday, June 10th, 20h15

  . Saturday, June 11th, 20h15  
                  (last train departure, having Rossio (Lisbon) as destiny, will be at 00h20)

::: Enrollment (until the 5th of May): 25€  per person
::: Group size: 10 (unless otherwise noticed)
::: Cultural initiative (History and legends), part of Nature Tourism
::: Legal Notice: rnaat 1808/2017

::: Due to the route being located in a protected area (Sintra-Cascais Natural Park) classified as World Heritage, and following the legal procedures: no smoking: silence required.

Stryx Aluco - Miguel Boim - O Caminheiro
Tyto Alba - Miguel Boim - O Caminheiro d
On the right:
Barn Owl, a species from the Sintra Mountains, that albeit always hidden in the night, when showing itself makes a long and silent flight in the shadow
On the left:
Tawny Owl, one of the Sintra Mountains night birds, whose hooting sometimes breaks this night walk silence


    . This night walk will last about 4h (including stopping points), being advisable for you to bring comfortable clothes and shoes (difficulty of the route - medium; about 6 kilometres long).

    . The pace will be the one that best suits the group's characteristics and the theme in question, with stopping points where you can rest while listening to curious accounts of Sintra's history.

    . A reflective vest will be provided, you just need to bring water.

    . In case of rain and cancellation of the walk you will have the following options:
       a) cancellation of enrollment and refund of the amount paid; 
       b) to keep your enrollment for future dates and themes of your choice.
   . If it is necessary to cancel the activity, the person responsible for the enrollment will be contacted by phone.

   . Throughout the enrollment process you will receive further information regarding data protection, your safety, and the due behaviour for the preservation of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

O contraste das árvores em caminhada noc
Palácio da Pena em Passeio Nocturno em S
On the right:
Pena Palace hidden in the fog, in one more night walk in Sintra.

Picture by Miguel Boim
On the left:
a night with clear shadow, in a night walk under the Sintra Mountains canopies.

Picture by Miguel Boim

Sintra Historical Centre (old town). You will be informed of the exact place upon enrollment.


1. send an e-mail to requesting the enrollment form and number of places you wish to reserve

2. You will then receive
     . the enrollment form;
     . an IBAN, Paypal, or MBway reference.

3. Your enrollment will only be validated after payment and sending the enrollment form (within the indicated deadline).
4. Order for filling the places is defined by order of arrival of messages to email box.


♦♦♦ SYnopsys:

    Why are some things as they are here in Sintra? Their disposition, their asymmetry? How have they emerged like this? And why? And what explanations most people come up with? Easy things and quick conclusions are bad advisers, and only by looking through the lens of the past, with the proper and own contexts of the medieval portuguese society, can we get closer to real life from the past.

    And what was already abandoned then, causing fear to visit? If not many centuries ago, you would have come in a carriage from Lisbon through a tough, harsh and narrow road, desert like, with mountains and windmills in the distance, and your coachman would stop midway, after almost two hours of driving. What for? You will know. A tradition that arrived in the 1970s and 1980s in Portugal, but in a context no one can imagine what its origin was. But as soon as you arrive at the Village, you would notice some important buildings abandoned, not being visited by anyone. This is just an image of a past entrance in Sintra, but there are thousands when you look to the past with proper filters based on historical knowledge gained through infinite pages of memories, documentation, and descriptions from the past.  


    The reason for specific names is going to be explained as well as why we know today Sintra Mountains as the Mountain of the Moon. Where it appeared for the first time and how was it turned into latin which caused wrong explanations of how Mountain of the Moon has arisen. (You will also know why Louisianna is nowadays Louisianna; and the relation of that piece of information with Sintra? You will also get to know it.)

Caminheiro de Sintra (Miguel Boim) - cam
On the left:
Miguel Boim, in a night walk, telling accounts from the past to a group.

Picture by Esraíta Araújo
On the right:
Pena Palace emerging from the fog, on a strong moonlit night.

Picture by Miguel Boim
Palácio da Pena à noite, em caminhada nocturna em Sintra - Fotografia de Miguel Boim, O Caminheiro de Sintra

♦♦♦ What are these activities?

    These activities arose from the historical research work carried out by Miguel Boim, telling the accounts of Portugal's history in Sintra, and related to the route's theme.


    Two of the purposes are for people to feel the nocturnal Sintra Mountains atmosphere (and thus become aware of its fauna and flora) and to get closer to the history that has been written down and lived through our ancestors, which can surprise us in its most past hidden contours.


    No outside elements will surprise you, nor is it intended to make people feel threatened or afraid. On this visit, no species are presented, and viewing them at night is difficult. It is however possible, to hear in the silence of the night - broken by the wind and the foliage - the movement of some of the species of fauna presented on this page.

O Caminheiro de Sintra - Caminhadas Noct
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