Guided Visit

The First Benefit

This is a private tour; meaning that only you and the people that you bring with you will compose the group along Miguel Boim.

and the Highlights

in a surprising monument, the surprise of the lives of the human beings that lived among those rocks


               the strange and strict forms with which the human beings lived in the center of the mountains of Sintra

                              the religious accounts of the 16th and 17th centuries, that mention supernatural visits to some of the friars


                                                     availability to reply to all questions related with Sintra's History and Heritage during the guided visit

Synopsys / Teaser

    In this guided visit you will become isolated from the contemporary world, being transported - through the words of Miguel Boim - across centuries of History, all of them full of habits, memories and accounts, all related with the most single, rustic and mystical monument Sintra Mountains has.

    The habits, the mystical experiences lived in day or night, the visits and revisitations, as well as the fears that the wilderness around the Convent grew in every shadow of the dying days, all of that will get - more than to your mind - to your heart.


    It will be a afternoon which being full of memories of distant centuries, it will be engraved inside you, making you one old book as the ones in which all that is going to be told to you, were picked by Miguel Boim.

the dormitory of the Convent
if you look to the end of corridor you'll see steps with the illusion that

they seem enormous; in truth, it is the doors which are very small

Elucidation of the Visit

Where does this visit start, since the Convent it's in the center of the mountains?

    Although this activity has transportation from the historical center (or around it) to Convent, the visit only starts in the entrance of the property of the monument. You are going to be able to visit the Convent (with its interior) as well as the piece of the property that was originally part of the Convent.

Details beyond tourism

    You will get to know more than the usual facts that are passed to the tourists, the very small details that are imperceptible to the majority of people, and which are spread around the Convent. Only with the knowledge of who studies the past it is possible to detail de things you will see around you - and which are visible, though their invisibility due to the lack of proper knowledge.


    Many names which represented in the past living people will be told, each one of them having strange accounts related with the things that they have lived. Some of them may be still buried in specific places in the Convent - like the very old chronicles state.


    Other parts of history may be touched, like for example the Inquisition or kings habits. And in some narrow places it is possible to know who have been there, and which contribution have these people made for portuguese and european society today.


    More than any symbolic explanation, the description of the lives and habits of this abnormal Convent that let men live in dungeons covered with cork.

And what about Sintra History? Is also possible to be known in the visit?

    You may feel free to ask everything you want related with the Convent, with the men that lived there, or with the religious context in Portugal centuries ago, or with Sintra's history and heritage.

Is is possible to see all we have to see if the weather in the mountain is foggy?

    You are invited to let enchant yourself with some images of the Convent below, even in foggy weather.

one of the main roads to the Convent in the begining of the

19th century


On the Day of the Visit

What will happen?

    This tour has the format of a guided visit. It is a guided visit in which you will not be accompanied by a usual tourist guide, but by someone that studies the small details from Sintra history for already decades. You will then be able to expose all the questions that you may have, be it related with the Convent, or with Sintra's history and heritage.

You will be picked by a transport in Sintra historical center or nearby. The tour, the visit, will only commence when the ticket office is passed. Tickets are included.


    The Convent has some stairs as well as narrow places; the property of the Convent has some rough terrain; this guided visit it is not advisable to people with mobility limitations.


    It is advisable to bring warmth clothes, even in a Summer day. The Convent was built also inside rocks, and when on foot and listening to what Miguel Boim has to tell on the Convent, you may feel the cold in an intense way. Avoid shoes with a slippery sole.

    The guided visit will have around three to four hours. The transport will take around 30 minutes from Sintra to the Convent, and around 30 minutes from the Convent to Sintra. The Convent it is in the middle of the Mountains.

the old Pena Monastery (where nowadays sits Pena Palace)

which had monks who desired to leave the Monastery to join

Capuchos Convent


Some Images of What You May Encounter

A flower motif, in cork.

In the past the Convent was also known among travellers as The Cork Convent..

Actual picture taken from the guided visit Life and Death at the Capuchos Convent in Sintra Mountains.


Photographer credits: Miguel Boim.

The altar of the Convent, in an unusual church.

In the past the altar had its own pieces, some of them are known to us today.

Actual picture taken from the guided visit Life and Death at the Capuchos Convent in Sintra Mountains.


Photographer credits: Miguel Boim.

As you are reaching the entrance of the Convent.

In the past common people couldn't go farther than this porch (with the exception of the church and the confessional.

In the 16th century, in this perspective you would see a much more rustic kind of building.

Actual picture taken from the guided visit Life and Death at the Capuchos Convent in Sintra Mountains.


Photographer credits: Miguel Boim.

«Questions asked to frey Miguel da Torre, friar from the Capuchos Order.»

What have frey Miguel replied? And to whom? And what consequences have arised from those answers?

Detail of an actual Inquisition's process from the 16th century, from the ANTT (Arquivo Nacional Torre do Tombo).

The way up to the sacristy and upper choir.

That, stepping old hidden sepulchres from known friars.

Actual picture taken from the guided visit Life and Death at the Capuchos Convent in Sintra Mountains.


Photographer credits: Miguel Boim.

Old document from the monks of Penha Longa.

Knowing the social relations between the monks and friars from the differents religious orders

that existed in Sintra mountains, we can have a more lively picture of the days of the past.

Detail of an actual document from the 16th century, from the ANTT (Arquivo Nacional Torre do Tombo).

In front of you, after the steps, the space known then as "examination room".

It is hard for someone nowadays to fully understand what then occurred in the examination room.

But you'll have the chance to understand.

Actual picture taken from the guided visit Life and Death at the Capuchos Convent in Sintra Mountains.


Photographer credits: Miguel Boim.

In the outside, there are several points of interest.

And, of course, each one with its accounts from the past.

Actual picture taken from the guided visit Life and Death at the Capuchos Convent in Sintra Mountains.


Photographer credits: Miguel Boim.

A very cold place, even in the Summer.

The water house, where surely you'll get surprised.

Actual picture taken from the guided visit Life and Death at the Capuchos Convent in Sintra Mountains.


Photographer credits: Miguel Boim.

Prices / Booking

your cicerone:
the author and researcher

Miguel Boim

lectures and speeches on Sintra's history to more than 12K people - as to 2018 data
in this video of the portuguese channel dedicated to culture, Miguel Boim 

gives body to Süskind's walker, Mr. Sommer

Life and Death at the

Capuchos Convent

in the Sintra Mountains

guided visit

tickets included

1 person: 140€ (total)* 

2 persons: 160€ (total)*

3 persons: 200€ (total)*

4 persons: 250€ (total)*

5 persons: 300€ (total)*

6 to 10 persons: 50€ per person* 

* all values are taxes declared

This guided visit need to be confirmed (paid, with the confirmation of the transaction) until 3 days before the date in which it will be made. In order to have your walk guaranteed it is advisable to book in the most advance you can, due to Miguel Boim schedule.

send email

the presentation of the book Sintra Lendária, in the Grémio Literário, by Basílio Horta, Mayor of Sintra Municipality

Miguel Boim being received by the students of a school in the Municipality of Sintra

second edition of Miguel Boim and Sintra's iconic book Sinta Lendária, with a deep and heartful insight on the side of History which resembles the same enchantment of legends and tales

On Trust and Safety

Code of Conduct

    No smoking or making noise.

    It is forbidden to take species of fauna, flora, or geological ones.

    Please stay close to the person who is guiding the group, avoiding to be absent without previous communication, in any circumstance.


    The personal data is necessary for insurance purposes as well as to fully accomplish with the legislation of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

    It is necessary to provide data from third parties (close relatives or others, from the country of origin of the participants).

    Minimum age: from 12/14 years of age, according to what specified in each theme.

    By booking this activity you assume that your health conditions are perfect for walking (having in mind the ups and downs of the route) between 200 and 470 meters above sea level for around 4 hours.

    It is necessary to specify medication a participant is taking and which can be relevant for his health condition when not taken.

    This activity fully accomplishes with the required by law and fulfills the payment of the taxes implied by law.

    It is necessary that the participants proceed accordingly to what stated by the guide in the briefing as well as during the activity, as well as to what may be requested by any element of portuguese authority, of those which patrol the mountains at night: the National Guard Republican (G.N.R.), security of Parques de Sintra Monte da Lua (in SUV or on foot), Portuguese Army (in SUV or on foot), Civil Protection (in SUV or on foot), ICNF - Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e Florestas (in SUV or on foot). It is important to keep these elements in mind to know to who should you provide your idenfication if needed.

    You may ask for advice on safety in general as well as related to rented vehicles (special attention in this regard) and possible pickpockets (during the day and in crowded places).

For Your Comfort

    Do not hesitate to ask questions before the tour and as well as during the tour; it is very important that you can notice the pretended transparency.

    Proper footwear and clothing (you'll be advised on the best of both, according to the time of year and near the date weather conditions).

    Start time can be exact as well as end time; but please notice that the end time can be inaccurate - if not otherwise strictly required.

    The option for dinner in one person tour is to be taken in a non-tourist restaurant, with a liter drink, main plate, dessert, and coffee.

    Groups with two people up have no meal included.


    You can inquire where the best place to have your meals.

    Information on how to avoid tourist crowds during the day in Sintra can be requested.

    If desired, pick up and deliver in Lisbon can be required beforehand, having the extra cost of 200€ - not included in the given price - for every 4 people.

Cancellations and Refunds

    Cancellations with partial refund of the money (70% of the total amount) are possible if made until 72 hours before the begining of the activity.

    The partial refund of the money can take up to 7 days after the date of the activity.

    In case of rain the activity will be maintained; in case of warning (Aviso) or alert (Alerta) by the authorities (Civil Protection, ICNF) the activity will be canceled with the consequent refund of the amount paid (100%).

The Village and the Mountains in the begining of

one foggy night, by Miguel Boim

legal notice: rnaat 1808/2017


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